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Stefan Demming Ⓓ in Zusammenarbeit mit KMRU ⇈

⑤ Stadthausgalerie maps
Do 27.6. 16:00–22:00

Fr 28.6. 12:00–20:00

Sa 29.6. 12:00–20:00
So 30.6. 12:00–16:00

Thu 27.6. 17:00
Sound performance by the musician KMRU
Fri 28.6. 17:00 Reading
with Dr. M. Moustapha Diallo entitled
“Decolonisation of Thought”

Making history perceptible is the aim of this unusual shop, a living archive and spatial installation that invites you to engage with the colonial legacy. Global and local. An acoustic search for clues begins, leading directly to the present.

What does decolonisation mean? This is the question that artist Stefan Demming and musician KMRU (Joseph Kamaru) addressed. Postcolonialism does not (only) mean the liberation struggles of former colonies but also the preoccupation with the conditions of our world today whose inequality cannot be understood without knowledge of colonialism and its consequences.

The DEKOLONIALWARENLADEN (DEKOLONIAL GOODS STORE) will move to the Stadthausgalerie in the centre of Münster for four days as part of the festival. Here a temporary landscape of second-hand furniture will be created – based on the furnishings of former colonial shops. It is also an audio archive that brings together the voices and contributions of people who deal with questions of (post-) colonialism from different perspectives.

The DEKOLONIAL GOODS STORE is not only a speaking space but also a sounding space. The voices are connected by a composition that can be partly influenced by the visitors. It is by KMRU, continuing his sonic research into the immaterial legacy of colonialism from his project “Temporary Stored”. Finally the shop will also become a stage for readings, discussions and concerts.