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Tour 1

Fri 28.6. 13:00–15:00
① Aegidiimarkt → ⑨⑩ Aasee → ⑤ Stadthausgalerie → ⑦ Marienplatz

Fri 28.6. 16:00–18:00
① Aegidiimarkt → ⑨⑩ Aasee → ⑤ Stadthausgalerie → ③ Domplatz

The first tour takes you from the festival centre to the Aasee lake where the artistic director of the Ilotopie group will take you behind the scenes of their water spectacle FOUS DE BASSIN. After this there will be a short trip to Motionhouse to see them preparing for their show WILD and then we go on to the DEKOLONIALWARENLADEN in the Stadthausgalerie where a wide range of archive material from colonial settings will be available for discussion. The tour ends at Marienplatz or Domplatz with a musical performance by Le SNOB: ULIK‘S OPUS II or FANFARE.

Tour 2

Sat 29.6. 13:00–15:00
① Aegidiimarkt → ⑥ Stubengasse → ⑤ Stadthausgalerie → ⑦ Marienplatz

The first stop on the tour is Stubengasse, the venue for MONUMENTAL CONSTRUCTIONS, where the former elephant house of the old zoo is being rebuilt out of 1300 cardboard boxes. The artist Olivier Grossetête will be on hand to talk to the participants. The tour continues to the DEKOLONIALWARENLADEN in the Stadthausgalerie. The walk ends at Marienplatz once again with the musical performance ULIK’S OPUS II by Le SNOB.

Tour 3

Sat 29.6. 15:00–17:00
① Aegidiimarkt → ⑥ Stubengasse → ⑤ Stadthausgalerie → ① Aegidiimarkt

The first stop of Tour 3 also offers the opportunity to gain insights into the collective building project MONUMENTAL CONSTRUCTIONS and to talk to the creative mind Oliver Grossetête. The path leads via the DEKOLONIALWARENLADEN in the Stadthausgalerie to the Aegidiimarkt where Joseph Toonga’s powerful dance performance BORN TO PROTEST tells of prejudices that still need to be fought. This tour ends with a short introduction and the subsequent start of the piece.


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Festival centre

The FLURSTÜCKE festival centre is located in the SpecOps network – a cultural café in Aegidiimarkt 5 in the Münster city centre; a meeting place with an information point, musical performances and an exhibition about all the artists and groups involved. This is also the starting point for festival tours on Friday and Saturday, where festival-goers can learn more about the projects by visiting the venues and speaking with the artists. On Saturday evening from 11 pm the big festival party will take place with DJ Maarten Van Cauwenberghe in Theater im Pumpenhaus. On Sunday at 12:30 pm the German Association for Theatre in Public Spaces invites you to an aperitif at the festival centre where you can enjoy a cool drink and a discussion with some of the artists.

Opening hours festival centre:
Tue 25.6. to Sat 29.6. 11 am to open end
Sun 30.6. 11 am to 6 pm.